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Valdariya Redbay Stormforce 7.4 meter RIB Valdariya

Redbay Stormforce 7.4 meter RIB Valdariya

The Stormforce 7.4 Valdariya is a powerful sea boat, featuring a deep V hull form, which contributes to its top class performance in rough offshore conditions.  The deep V hull is combined with sprayrails to produce additional lift and improve the hydrodynamics of the hull. It also features 22″ diameter tubes designed to sit firmly in contact with the water surface while at rest, ensuring maximum stability.

The Valdariya a fast, stable and dry vessel even in challenging sea conditions. In addition to its excellent sea keeping abilities, we chose the 7.4m Valdariya because it is the optimum size for mobility and is transportable by trailer to any location in Ireland or the UK for rapid deployment.  Read the full specification.

CZS “WestWave Dawn

WestWave Dawn

WestWave Dawn


The “Westwave Dawn” is available for charter to the offshore wind industry and offshore development projects, as well as for conventional charter. It is a multi-purpose rapid response vessel suitable for crew transfer, cargo transfer, environmental surveys, rapid response, dive support, research support, turbine maintenance and refuelling of offshore generators.