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About Coastal Zone Services Ltd

Coastal Zone Services Ltd (CZS) operates primarily in the Clew Bay and surrounding area in Co. Mayo. We provide a comprehensive range of marine related services to State Agencies, Research Institutions, the Aquaculture Industry and the Leisure market.

The services we provide include:

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Research Support

  • Aquaculture Services (Biotoxin, Phytoplankton & Bacterial Monitoring)

  • Survey and Dive Support

  • Crew Transfer & Safety Boat services

  • Boat Angling & Diving Charter

  • Passenger Leisure Services

  • EU project management

  • Marine Consultancy

CZS has an established track record in the operation of Marine Integrated Coastal Zone Management which is closely aligned to marine spatial planning.

We have played a key role in the planning and execution of environmental monitoring and sampling regimes for a large number of national and EU Framework Programme 6 (FP6) & EU Framework Programme 7 ( FP7 ) research projects. This includes the deployment & retrieval of a range of data collection systems and environmental sensors.

Support Services

CZS has provided vessel support for marine survey work for customers including the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), The Marine Institute and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and has provided Dive Support for a range of national projects. We have also provided crew transfer and safety boat services.

Current activities we are engaged in:

  • Contract with the Marine Institute to provide Shellfish Waters Directive sampling for Clew Bay North and South.
  • Contract with University College Cork (UCC) to provide technical support to researchers for field trials associated with EU FP7 Project OYSTERECOVER from May 2010 to April 2013.
  • Providing logistical support to the for the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Water Framework Directive programme.
  • Project partner and Exploitation Manager in EU FP7 Project ‘BEADS.
  • Assisting in the management of two other EU FP7 projects and, in cooperation with project partner CBMF.
  • General Leisure Charter Services.

We have developed excellent working relationships with industry & public sector representatives and have built a formidable National and European network of coastal practitioners, researchers and marine project managers.

Wind Farm Support Services

Coastal Zone Services has taken delivery of the 14 metre Southboat GRP Catamaran commissioned in October 2011.The vessel, named 'WestWave Dawn', has been finished by CZS to a very high specification as an Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessel.
The 'Westwave Dawn' is available for charter to the offshore wind industry and offshore development projects, as well as for conventional charter. It is a multi-purpose rapid response vessel suitable for crew transfer, cargo transfer, environmental surveys, dive support, research support, turbine maintenance and refuelling of offshore generators.  Read full specification of 'Westwave Dawn'.   View images of the 'Westwave Dawn' on our blog.

Coastal Zone Services Ltd.